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1/18/18 10:33 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Debbie Blow

Mother Theresa


By Suma Iyer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Odd title, right?  Some of us are reminded of that movie line from decades ago:  "Go ahead, make my day"!


12/12/17 7:30 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Debbie Blow



As we know, Advent is a Season of waiting, of hoping, of preparing and of giving.



5/16/16 2:30 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Madeleine Tacy

I’m tired and I am especially sick and tired of life with its same old, same old routine 24/7. I want life to be exciting and full of interesting experiences. I want to be anywhere but here in the place with the people I work with or have a relationship with or even depend upon for help. In other words, I want to be special,...


5/1/16 9:00 AM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Connie Koch


Have you ever been surprised by receiving a gift that you didn’t expect? Or do you have a childhood memory of receiving a long-awaited gift…like a puppy?! (I didn’t get a puppy ~ I got a parakeet – we lived in an apartment!)



4/27/16 9:30 AM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Catherine Walsh


Photo by Sister Catherine


As spring arrives each year, I always reflect on this picture of a robin’s nest I took a few years ago.The nest was in a small tree on the side of our deck. From the deck, I got a wonderful view of the nest. I love that the robins had found some blue string to weave into the nest.Quite an eye...


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The stories and thoughts we share here are to help bring wholeness, life, and joy to all areas of your life. Here, you’ll find everything from Gospel reflections to advice on how to better serve others, pray more deeply, make time for yourself, and care for our beautiful Earth. These are ideas for service, mindfulness, and spirituality that we love, and that we hope will help nourish you every day.

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