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10/21/17 4:14 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Connie Koch



The Word of God is ever ancient and ever new!  I’m sometimes surprised and often consoled when reflecting on the daily and Sunday scriptures in the liturgical year to find that the Word of God seems to speak directly to our current life experiences.  Perhaps this is God’s way of getting our attention in a world cluttered...


9/7/17 10:42 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Linda Lazarus



This week’s Gospel from Matthew holds a valuable treasure for how to successfully deal with the conflicts, hurts, and separations we experience in our relationships. No one has escaped the pain, frustration, or anger of feeling we have been wronged by another’s words or actions.



8/3/17 4:40 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Eileen Gannon, OP


Carl Bloch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


I have thought of the Transfiguration as a gift of Jesus to Peter, James and John. Life had been pretty good for them thus far; miracles in abundance, attention was being paid to the poor, to the not-so-important. But life was going to get challenging and very difficult. They...


7/26/17 12:00 AM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Monica Socinski



The Gospel of Matthew for this Sunday is speaking of a treasure buried in the field, a pearl of great price, and a dragnet full of fish; all things hidden and mysterious; as is the Kingdom of God.


The mystery and inner quality of the interior life is a lifetime search for those who seek the spiritual life. Talking to God;...


3/26/17 12:00 AM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Mary Schneiders



In the forty one verses of today’s passage from John, there are thirty eight words and phrases referring to sight, or the lack thereof. The word "blind" is used thirteen times, and variations of wording that has to do with restoration of sight (e.g. seeing, and eyes being opened) occur sixteen times.


2/15/17 3:01 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Debbie Blow



“Choose life and make life as meaningful as you can, regardless of your present situation.”


Those were my opening words when I preached at Dannemora Maximum Security Prison at two services this weekend, standing in the sanctuary of the Church of St. Dismas and seeing a sea of prison green in the pews below. I prayed I’d be...


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