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7/26/17 12:00 AM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Monica Socinski



The Gospel of Matthew for this Sunday is speaking of a treasure buried in the field, a pearl of great price, and a dragnet full of fish; all things hidden and mysterious; as is the Kingdom of God.


The mystery and inner quality of the interior life is a lifetime search for those who seek the spiritual life. Talking to God;...


7/21/17 10:17 AM

0 Comments / Posted by Gina Ciliberto



“Stop thinking about yourself and just observe. Allow yourself to feel at peace. Pay attention to your breathing. Start noticing things. Reflect on them.”


These instructions seem less like a prayer and more like a mantra. Yet, these are the keys to connecting with nature, at least according to master beekeeper and gardener...


7/3/17 7:11 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Gina Ciliberto

pexels-photo-25002 (1).jpg


This Fourth of July, it's no secret that our nation and our world are fragmented. Yet, as we face a multitude of issues ranging from environmental harm to travel bans, July 4th is a time to also reflect on truth, nobility, justice, loveliness, purity, and excellence. After all, those elements do exist; they even stand as...


6/20/17 7:26 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Catherine Walsh


Image c/o Fr. Felix Hernandez, OP


The Church does not seem to want to give into ordinary time following Easter for what follows the end the Easter Sundays is the Ascension (celebrated on Sunday in some places), Pentecost and the feast of Corpus Christi. Now I know ordinary time refers to numbering, but for me it also refers...


5/17/17 1:20 PM

0 Comments / Posted by Sister Jo-Ann Iannotti


Photos by Sister Jo-Ann Iannotti


Every writer knows the power of active voice. The power of prose written in active voice carries life. It moves the action forward. It engenders engagement.



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